My devices and how I have been using them incorrectly.

I am not the type of person who will go out and purchase the most recent device. Personally, I think the majority of devices that are out now can be used for over 5 – 10 years without having to upgrade, if used correctly. Ok, 10 years may be a push but I have devices that are almost that old and function well.

I used to believe that on all my devices, I would need them to have access to all of my data, so no matter what I was using, I would have access to my eBook’s, but I could also use maps to get to where I’m going, while playing some games I love. After some thought during the Coronavirus quarantine, I felt this was really forced. I usually have 5 devices that I carry with me most times. It started to feel very forced that all 4 of them should be able to do everything the other could do.

My Devices

  1. Work HP Laptop – I use this specifically for work. I don’t keep personal data on this. I like keeping it for work only
  2. Apple iPhone 6 – Work only phone. Used for email/text/2 factor
  3. Surface Pro 3 – This is what I am using as a personal portable device.
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 – Mainly used for reading news/books/magazines
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 – Personal phone

Past vs. Present

As I mentioned above, I was initially trying to make my personal devices interchangeable so no matter what I was using, I could perform similar tasks. What set off my change of thought process was my Kindle. When I got it last year, it was on sale for $40. Hearing good things about them, I picked one up. At that price, it was worth a shot. I immediately installed the Google Play Store on it even after hearing about how it may slow the device down. I saw what everyone else at the time was seeing, a bit of a slowdown but what the hell, I had all my google apps on it so I could use both my phone and Kindle interchangeably.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago when my SD card started giving me issues. I had to wipe it (I had a backup of the data on it, so no sweat). So, I decided to factory reset the Kindle and just forget about Google Play. I immediately noticed how much better the device ran after the reset. I started putting my ebooks back on and just using it as it for the week. What a huge difference. It was refreshing to not have all the “clutter” which I already had on my phone. I noticed I really didn’t want a lot of what was previously on it, but it was an incredible experience as just being a device to read my news and books on.

I eventually put Google Play back on just to see what would happen. To my surprise, it worked without slowing the device down. This time I didn’t phone the phone apps on it and focused on installing apps like Feedly, Libby, and some of the News Apps like CNN and MSNBC. I made a commitment to not clutter it up and to only use it as an e-reader.

I set up my Surface Pro so it felt comfortable as a tablet where I could view pages like, AllRecipes or to control Spotify on my Echo Show while using said recipe site to cook some awesome meals. When I started to think about how my line of thought was incorrect trying to use these devices as hubs to perform tasks that I could switch between, my whole thought process changed.

As far as my phone, I got rid of a lot of the Reading apps and started trimming down the apps.

My conclusion

After being frustrated with my initial line of thought, I realized that using these devices the way I had been, was trying to control them beyond what their purpose was. If I want to read a book or the news, I grab my kindle. If I want a heartier experience that requires the Surface, I grab that and I have a PC experience. By just using the devices for what they were intended for instead of pushing them to be something they were not has made my experience more enjoyable while using them. It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

I would love to know how you are using your devices.

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